You Tube Webinars Available To You

ProLearn has been working to provide Professional Learning Opportunities to our members.  Below are those available:

Formative assessment is a planned process in which teachers or students use assessment-based evidence to adjust what they're currently doing. Learn new tools for conducting formative assessment and then move to what to do with the results. Learn to discover what the data really says and how to use it to modify your planning and instruction.  Formative Assessment

Looking for ideas on how the capabilities of a 3D printer can be utilized by all grade levels.  Are there practical applications for using this technology in lower and middle school?  Many teachers relate the use of 3D Printers with science and engineering classes but can we open teachers’ minds to new possibilities.   Learn the basics to operate a 3D printer and discover practical ideas of how this technology can be used by all grade levels.  3D Printing