Success Stories

Learning around the province: 

Formative Assessment Webinar:

  • The session was very useful for me

  • The webinar content offered strategies for both teachers and students within the educational environment

​3D Printing Webinar:

  • I was really pleased to have access to these resources in the future! Teachers are so busy - we need to be able to come back to things!
  • I would really like a session on green screens.

IOS Deployment Symposium:

  • The symposium content was useful in device management strategies in the educational environment.

  • I will be using the information from the symposium immediately.

Microsoft Management Symposium:

  • This was very helpful, was nice to meet and talk with Microsoft and also other members of AAHEIT. It is nice to have discussions and to hear other challenges people are having. Looking ahead at what is coming.

  • I found it very helpful and might help us avoid issues when planning or budgeting.

  • Windows 10 deployments, and of course more on AZURE would be welcomed. Licensing would also be a great topic to clear things up as it is always a challenge to keep up on the latest.