Convergence Conference

2017 Convergence Conference - October 25-27

Another successful Convergence Conference was held this year hosted by ATLE.  A number of presentations were offered exploring all aspects of Educational Technology.

1.  "Makers dream big, take risks, explore options, imagine new possibilities, show courage, express creativity, and embrace chanllenge"; "I think parent's and teachers should try to maximize creative time.  The focus shouldn't be which tech kids are using, but rather what kids are doing with them".  These are just a few of the topics shared at the ATLE Convergence where ATLE ProLearn members Shelley Friesen and Nicole Lakusta hosted two hands-on learning sessions

For more information on this session click the following link - Tinkering, Coding and Creating in the Classroom with Coding and then in Creating and Circuitry.

ATLE purchased a number of tech crates to share with jurisdictions throughout Alberta.  If you're interested in booking some of the materials, please contact the ATA Library.